The City Lips Challenge

We love it when you send in photos of how great City Lips has worked for you.

It gives us motivation to keep creating the products that get the most resutls.

If you have photos, we want to see them!

And.. if you send us GREAT photos of your lips with before and after shots of how well City Lips has worked for you, we'll give you a 2 months supply of City Lips for free!

Just send your photos to:

Make sure they look like the ones below. If they do, you have the best chance of us using them and you getting a 2 months supply of City Lips.

Here's a few photos we got from a City Lips User:

From another angle:

Where To Send The Photos

Sending photos is simple. Just email them to and if we can use them, we'll get back to you with your free City Lips


Claire Bybee


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