Dear Future Customer

Ryan Taylor
CITY Cosmetics

Dear Friend,

I want to convince you that CITY Lash will be the best thing you ever do for your lashes.

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During our testing we found CityLash to dramatically enhance the eye lashes of 18 out of the 20 women who participated in our test group.

I'm am sure you have seen the test results from the study performed by Symrise Labs. In those test results women achieved an increase in eyelash length of up to 72%. It worked for all 95% of the women in that study. Age, hair color, or amount of damage done to the eyelashes was not an issue. The treatment still worked and we want it to work for you as well.

The forumula that is CITY Lash is one of the best out there. There are many imposters that claim to use the active ingredient, yet do not use nearly enough to cause a results. CITY Lash uses one of the highest consentrations of the effective ingredient and that's why it works. Here I want to prove it to you.

My Special Offer To You:

I want you to try CityLash for 40 Days. City LASH has noticable results after 14 days and full results after 40. And after that time, your lashes will be DRAMATICALLY enhanced similar to the photo below:

Here at CityCosmetics we take a lot of pride in our brand and would never offer anything that does not deliver.

If you feel you have not gotten your FULL money's worth, simply return that package and I will give you ALL your money back.

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CITY Lash normally sells for $79.99 per unit. On this page (and this page only), I would like to give you a one-time offer to get our 2 and 3 unit packages at our best price.

Order now and you can get 3 units of CITY Lash for under $50 each.

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1 Unit of CityLash

Original Price: $105.00
Special Price: $69.99

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2 Units of CityLash

Original Price: $105.00
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3 Units of CityLash

Original Price: $105.00
Special Price: $149.99

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Free Shipping

This page represents a ONE TIME Only price.
Once you leave, I can NEVER show you this price agian.

(We reserve the right to take this offer down at any time)