City Lips In The Media

It's True.. A a lot lip plumpers out there are scams that will claim a lot and offer you very little.

That's why we want to show you this.. City Lips has made the media numorous times. Below are some of our best clips where you can see from real news stories exactly how City Lips works (Utah's Daily Dish), The results it yeilds (Dr. Dean Mediacl Journal) and a little tid bit on what Good Day LA has to say about City Lips!

After you watch them, feel free to do your own research as well. We're sure you'll find City Lips is one of the best lip plumper in it's class and one of the only true plumpers that will plump your lips for real!

City Lips On Dr. Dean Medical Journal

Watch this video where Dr. Dean medical journal reports on Good Housekeepingʼs lip plumper review. City Lips had the most significant results, proving that it really works. Test after test, City Lips wins because our treatment really works. No hype, just results!


City Lips on Good Day LA:

Good Day LA does a review of what City Lips has to offer..


City Lips on Utah's The Daily Dish

Print Media

CITY Cosmetics have been featured in publications worldwide. Here are a few of those publications


A Few Post About City Lips


"I started using it a couple of weeks ago with someone's recommendation. It did take a week or so to see the effects but they are awesome! Never has a plumper done this well on my top lip.

LF did plump, but not the top lip like this. I've had a small amt of Resty injected before and will never need to do that again b/c this works so well.

I know it does not work for everyone, but it sure works for me."

What The Forums Say About City Lips

From Valentine Kisses Blog:

"I really liked these mini glosses. They give my lips shiny, juicy looking color with that great City Lips plumping action."

Read What Valentine Kisses has to say about City Lips

From Happy Lamp:

I am actually surprised at how well City Lips worked! and I would definitely recommend City Lips for those of you who want to see visibly fuller lips without and major procedures! As you can see, City Lips lived up to their claims of reducing lip wrinkles and it’s easy enough to apply on the go

Happy Lamp's Review of City Lips


City Lips In Good Housekeeping


"Want lips this lush? Our testers did, so we asked them to try different plumpers for a month, in hopes of releasing their inner Angelina Jolie. THE WINNERS: City Lips clear gloss Lip Plumper created the fullest smoochers.
-Good Housekeeping Magazine, Page 45."

"...The original winner. City Lips is still champion."
-Good Housekeeping

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