What Type of Results Can I expect
With City Lips?

With City Lips you see instant results in 10 minutes and long term results after 30 days. Many women also report lasting effects long after discontinued use.  Here's a breakdown of what will happen the first month.

The first 10 minutes:   The first time you use City Lips is very exciting! You'll notice a tingleing feeling as the collagen is absorbed into your lips and the healing process begins. After 10 minutes you'll notice fuller lips with less lines and wrinkles on and around your lips.

15 days:  This is where the appearance of your lips really takes a leap.  After 2 weeks, you'll notice dramatic changes in the appearance of your lips. Even without applying City Lips, your lips will appear younger and healthier than they were just 2 short weeks ago.

30 Days: After 30 Days, you're going to be experiencing significantly healthier lips that last. The average reported increase in lip size after the first 30 days is 3mm . This is the stage where you only need to apply City Lips once per day for full, healthy, youthful lips all day long.

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Advanced Formula
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Advanced Formula
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What our customers say:

"I can't say enough good things about City Lips".

I can't say enough good things about City Lips - it's my #1 beauty secret. I am a big believer that thin lips really age your face, so I have been using city lips for 4 years, since I discovered it, and have seen amazing results. I just turned 32, and last week had a lady at the nail salon ask me how many years I have left in college! Hilarious :) I always get compliments on my lips and honestly have to hand it to city lips for the way they look. I am not a big reviewer but I believe in this stuff. It's not cheap, but I stockpile it whenever they have their online sales and can't be without it.

Barb From California

"after using this for only 3 days, I love the results! ".

I just received my order of City Lips gloss in the mail 3 days ago. I must say though, after using this for only 3 days, I love the results! They say it works over time, so I wasn't even expecting such quick results, but wow, my lips look and feel so pillowy, especially my bottom lip, which currently needs it the most! If my lips look like this after only 3 days, then I can't wait to see the change after several weeks. I am very excited about this, b/c I have been getting Juvederm Ultra injections in my top lip, but a VERY subtle amount. I had been considering getting Juvederm in my bottom lip, but after seeing what City Lips has done in 3 days, I think I'll save my money. It's like my lips have fluffed up. Very pretty and smooth and all the lines are gone. I will update in a few weeks. :)

Helen From Ontario

"City Lips Advanced Formula lip plumper does what it's supposed to do".

All I ask of a beauty product is that it lives up to advertising claims. City Lips Advanced Formula lip plumper does what it's supposed to do. It's also the best available lip moisturizer. Even in the dryest desert weather, one coat at night keeps lips from drying until morning. And the customer service at City Lips is the best around! Review by Sandra

Jill From Connecticut

" City Lips was one of the few that works".

I've tried a lot of lip plumpers over the years and I can honestly say a lot of them only left my lips burning - You know the ones ;). City Lips was one of the few that works. I now recommend City Lips to all my friends and have recently got my Mom on board as an alternative to collagen implant surgery and she LOVES it!

Thanks City Lips!

Colleen From New York

" I woke up and I swear my lips are bigger".

Wow, I'm impressed. My lips are actually full - not Angelina full but people always comment that they are big.
1. I can use this over/under anything. 2. I rushed to apply OVER lipstick and forgot about it until 30 min later when I felt like my lips were swollen. It worked over my lipstick! 3. I used this before bed (rubbed with my finger so it wasn't as goopy) and it did tingle more when applied directly on skin. I woke up and I swear my lips are bigger and my lips are really smooth. so we'll see what this does long-term.

Loren From California

"This stuff does for me what nothing else has.".

This stuff does for me what nothing else has...gives me plump, soft, pigmented lips. I use this every night before going to bed and it has made a huge difference. At first I didn't think there was any change, but then I left it at home when traveling for a week. My lips were a mess! Less pigmented, dried out from being in AC/planes/hotels, thin and pale. Couldn't wait to get this on again. After one night my lips were back to normal! I will never be without this.

Beth From Ohio

"I have used City Lips since February of 2002".

I have used City Lips since February of 2002. After just a short while using it, I never ever had chapped lips again. Regardless of weather or other factors, chapped flaking dry lips have become a thing of the past. And this is for over 9 years now!

Margret From Florida

" I love the product".

I have been using City Lips for a few years now. I love the product. It is the only one that seems to work on the lips as well as stay on for long periods without smearing or being sticky. I love it so much, that when I couldn't find it in my city anymore...I now order it from the company itself!! The clear is my favorite, but the other colors are very pretty as well!! Try it, you won't regret it.

Sarah From New Hampshire

" I love the product".

I LOVE this stuff.The warm tingle(not a burning or stinging,a warm pleasant tingle) feels SO good.My lips are so soft now.Plumper as well (people have noticed and commented...someone actually asked me if I got some collagen,LOL), but I bought it originally for the smoothing, moisturizing properties because I always thought those products were pure BS.I used it in a sample I got and woke up with much puffier lips. Awesome! I'm on my...what,fifth tube now? I love it!

KW From Texas