City Lips Results...

Here's a before and after from 3 women who have put City Lips to the test..

Photos are all actual results, and have not been retouched.

A group of 15 women ages 17-40 applied City Lips advanced formula every night for 30 days. Instant visible results are shown after 10 minutes of application and long term results are shown after 30 days of continued use.

From Splash Magazine:
CityLips in Splash Magazine

From One of Our Customers

From another angle:

Results in the Good HouseKeeping Lip Plumper Test

You don't have to take our word to know that City Lips gets results.. Recently City Lips was featured on Dr. Dean Medical Journal.. Dr. Dean reports on Good Housekeeping's lip plumper test where City Lips proved to be the most effective lip plumper in their study.

You can watch the video right here:


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